Historically, all reservations are handled at the Front Desk during the season. Similar to last year we are investigating options to allow a reservation process to be online available prior to the start of the season. If that comes to fruition we will notify the membership via email.


  • Front Pavilion (Next to the baby pool)
  • Back Pavilion (Along the back fence line of the property)
  • Back Deck (Raised deck behind the diving boards)


  • $80 for the full day (11:30a – 8p)
  • $40 for half day (11:30a – 3:30p or 4p – 8p)
  • Fee and times may change prior to the start of reservations being available for the season.


  • All rentals must be handled through the Front Desk.
  • After reservation, two or more emails will immediately be sent to the email address on record:
    • Confirmation of Date, Time, and Pavilion reserved.
      (Full day rentals will receive two confirmation emails)
    • Confirmation of Payment
  • It is the responsibility of the member to confirm they receive these emails and that the information in them is correct.
    • If the emails are not received or the information is incorrect then the reservation likely was not recorded correctly and the member should return to the Front Desk to resolve.
  • Pavilion/deck availability is on a first come – first serve basis.
  • A deposit is required for each reservation. The deposit will help us offset the cost of new grills, propane tanks, starters, brushes, and standard grill upkeep throughout the season.
  • Members must provide an estimate of the number of guests that will attend their rental.
  • The deposit is non-refundable and is not to be used to offset guest fees.
  • Rentals that expect more than 30 guests must be approved.
  • If given a 24-hour notice of any change in date and/or weather closures, you will be refunded.
  • Reservations are valid rain or shine.
  • The members that reserve the pavilions or back deck are responsible for cleaning up the area at the end of each party. Guards will empty the trash cans periodically during the party as needed. If trash cans get full without a guard noticing, please notify management. Members that reserve the pavilions are responsible for sweeping up under the tables, scraping off food from the grills, and the washing off any spills. Buckets, cleaner, and brooms are available from the guards or management.


  • Guests will be signed in on a log and given a wrist band specific to your rental.
  • So long as you are at the club any of your guests are allowed access to the club, even if it is before or after your rental time.
  • Anyone that is a member of the club should enter on their membership to ensure they do not appear as a guest on your rental.
  • All guests need a pass regardless of if they swim or not.
  • Credits required per guest will be based on the posted Guest Pass rate schedule.


    • At the end of the event the member will settle up at the front desk to pay for all guests in a single cash, check, or credit card payment.
    • Guest Credits are eligible for bulk purchase discounts based on the rate schedule in effect at the time of the rental.